Life as a broker was not always easy but it did allow me many privileges over that of my peers. Walking away from such a career and place of privilege was far from an easy decision, but as the issues with my health spiralled out of control and took me to a place where I had to question the very depths of my soul, I started to see that there is a much better way to live – a way that connected me with mind, body and soul, that aligned me with my higher purpose and re-centred and connected me with the very essence of who I am.

The journey of self is never easy, but once you take the time to walk the path of consciousness, through all of its murky turns, what you find on the other side is nothing short of incredible. As you start to see the miracles of life unfold in front of you and start to see your weaknesses as strengths and your hardships as gifts, you become far more open to embracing all that life has to give, because life is for living, in all of its glory and all of its hardships, for this is what moulds us and makes us who we are and allows us to become the person that we were always meant to be.

The over prescription of antibiotics for over a year led me on a journey that I shall now be forever grateful for, although at the time, I felt that I had been cursed. The antibiotics annihilated my gut and led me to become deficient in the very vitamins and minerals that were needed to maintain a healthy immune system. When I had vaccinations to travel, my immune system was not able to fight off the live vaccinations that I was injected with, which led me to 6 years of ill health, most of which went undiagnosed for several years, leaving an already weakened immune system to come under further attack.

I developed colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, various food intolerances and exhausted adrenals, which meant that my body could not physically deal with stress. Undiagnosed, this meant that those around me often did not believe how sick that I actually was, often leaving me without support at home as well as work.

I no longer knew who I was. Unable to be the party girl and social butterfly that I had always known myself to be, I had to start questioning everything about myself. When I eventually quit my 12 year broking career, I no longer had the anchor into which I defined myself, but the journey that this took me on was a journey of such incredulous self discovery that I can no longer be anything but grateful for my previous suffering.

One part of that journey led me to cleaner living. I am no angel – never have been but now I recognise that we really are what we eat. Not only what we eat, but we are everything that we put into our bodies, from pharmaceuticals and pesticides to the beauty products that we soak in through our skin.

It was this realisation that led me to become vegetarian as I started to realise that the factory farmed animals that we eat are pumped full of steroids, hormones and antibiotics which we, in turn, ingest, along with the animal’s sickness and fear. I started to understand that the pesticides that are sprayed on our food are incredibly toxic to our bodies and realised that I would never spray insect repellent into my mouth, so why was I allowing it to enter my body through the food that I ate?

One step at a time, I switched to an organic, whole food, vegetarian diet and I watched my health transform in front of my eyes. I was forced to cut out sugar, many dairy products and various other foods that I had become intolerant to, but I went from spending every day in agony from colitis to healing it entirely. I have now reclaimed my life and diet has become absolute key to keeping my body in balance. It has now also become part of my mission to help others to recognise the difference that they can make to their own health through a simple change in diet.

It has been a long and winding road back to good health for me and along that road I have often been asked to share the recipes and knowledge that have seen me through that journey. I have created this blog in a bid to show people that eating healthy and vegetarian does not have to mean a compromise on flavour,  nor does it mean that you have to give up your favourite dishes. With a few adjustments and a willingness to try, eating consciously can easily become a lifestyle choice that you wish to make and once you do make that decision, you will never look back, as you can not fail to notice the benefits that this decision will bring into your life.

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